:: Racial differences and group evolutionary strategies

• An Integrative Evolutionary Perspective on Ethnicity by Kevin MacDonald

• Virtue in "Racism" ? by Raymond B. Cattell

• Chapter Five of Separation And Its Discontents, Volume II of the Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy series by Kevin MacDonald

• Egalitarian fiction and collective fraud by Linda S. Gottfredson

• Indoctrination and Group Evolutionary strategies: The Case of Judaism by Kevin MacDonald

• Whither Judaism and the West: the last chapter of the last book of the Judaism as a Group Strategy series by Kevin MacDonald

• Professor Shockley's Experiment by Glayde Whitney

• Race as a Biological concept by J. Philippe Rushton

• Race differences in Intelligence: a global perspective by Richard Lynn

• Race, genetics, and human reproductive strategies by J. Philippe Rushton

• Tracing the Genetic History of Modern Man, a Review of "The History and Geography of Human Genes" by Edward M. Miller

• Why Race Matters: a review and extension by Edward M. Miller

• The Evolutionary Function of prejudice by Alan McGregor

• Race, Evolution, and Behavior Summary by Glayde Whitney

• Race, Evolution, and Behavior Summary by Mark Snyderman

• The Reality of Race - A Summary of John R. Baker's book: "Race" by Thomas Jackson

• Paternal provisioning versus Mate-seeking in Human Populations by Edward M. Miller

• Chapter 12 of the book "The 'g' Factor" by Arthur Jensen

• On the biological meaning of race by Paul Grubach

• Race and Crime: an International Dilemma by J. Philippe Rushton

• About Racial Differences - An Excerpt from David Duke's Book "My Awakening: A Path to Racial Understanding"

• Does Race Matter - Recent Developments by Louis Andrews

• Does Race Exist ? A Proponent's Perspective by Dr. George Gill

• On The Culture of Critique from Chronicles, Volume 24, No. 9, September 2000

• Spearman's Hypothesis and Test Score Differences Between Whites, Indians, and Blacks in South Africa by Richard Lynn & Kenneth Owen

• The Racial Genetics of Intelligence: The Gadfly Interview with Dr. Robert Gordon by Christina Papavasiliou

• Scanning Brains for Insights on Racial Perception (and my comments)

• IQs in various countries by Rodrigo de la Jara, who wished to add the following note:

"Rodrigo de la Jara believes in human genetic improvement via genetic engineering but considers traditional eugenics to be an impractical, inefficient, simpleminded, and unjustifiably cruel way to achieve improvements in humanity." This is an important reminder that the authors of the articles hosted or linked to on The Evolutionary Perspective web site do not necessarily agree with other views expressed here(such as my pro-eugenics views).
As for the statement itself, I would add that Genetic Engineering has a much more dangerous potential than eugenics, due to the complex nature and the delicate equilibrium of human genetics. As for his implicit claim that there may be other, more efficient and practical ways of improving humanity, I hope he is not referring to social/environmental intervention. But if he is, why is he even talking about "inefficiency", "simplemindedness" and "impracticality" when referring to eugenics ?
Is Kevin MacDonald a Scholar ? by Frank Salter

Replies from the "Other Side", and Counter-replies of their Replies:

On the similarities of American blacks and whites - a reply to Rushton by Zack Cernovsky

Race and Crime: A Reply to Cernovsky and Litman by J. Phillipe Rushton

Do Races Differ ? Not Really, DNA Shows from the New York Times

It's Official: Races Differ Genetically by Glayde Whitney

A liberal article suggesting that racial differences in IQ are environmental

Discrimination and IQ - a refutation by Simon Ouellette

IQ myth and the G factor   The "IQ " Myth and the "G" Factor

The Nature versus Nurture debate   The Nature versus Nurture debate

Evolutionary theory   Evolutionary theory

Self-Directed Evolution

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