:: The "IQ" Myth and the "G" Factor

• Christopher Brand's "The G Factor" is now available on-line (link)

• An Interview with Charles Murray from Skeptic volume 3, number 2, 1995.

• NPR Interview with Charles Murray, 10-28-1994.

• Kings of Men: A Special issue of the journal INTELLIGENCE about Arthur Jensen by Douglas K. Detterman

• Mainstream science on Intelligence from The Wall Street Journal

• Neo-Lysenkoism, IQ, and the press by Bernard D. Davis

• A critique of Gould by Arthur Jensen

• Reflections on Stephen Jay Gould's "The Mismeasure of Man" by John B. Carroll

• The Errors and Omissions of the Revised Edition of Gould's "The Mismeasure of Man" by J. Philippe Rushton

• The Bell Curve and its Critics by Charles Murray

• The Consequences of variable intelligence by Tatu Vanhanen

• The Journal Intelligence on Intelligence by Douglas K. Detterman.

• The G Factor - The Book and the Controversy by Prof. Edward Miller

• Cranial Capacity and IQ by R.T. Osborne

• About IQ and the 'g' Factor - an Excerpt from David Duke's book "My Awakening: A Path to Racial Understanding"

• IQ Will Put You in Place by Charles Murray

• The Evidence for the Concept of Intelligence by Cyril Burt

• Inequality by Design - a Review by Linda S. Gottfredson

• The Emergence of a Cognitive Elite by Volkmar Weiss

Replies from the "Other Side", and Counter-replies of their Replies

Commentary: Replies and Counter-replies (in reference to "The Bell Curve and its Critics")

Does Brain Size Matter ? - A Reply to Rushton and Ankney by Michael Peters

Brain Size matters - A reply to Peters by J. Philippe Rushton and C. Davison Ankney

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The Nature versus Nurture debate   Racial differences and evolutionary strategies

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