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Note: The following article has a weird, even lunatic, view of Eugenics and "Meritocracy". However, I think it still makes interesting reading if you are open-minded enough, and I think it does explain the need for establishing a "Natural Aristocracy", or a "Meritocacy".



by Kurt Saxon

Throughout history the Power Elites have usually been the rulers, the merchant class and the clergy. The rulers want subjects, taxpayers and soldiers. The merchant class wants customers and laborers, preferably cheap labor. The clergy wants worshipers and contributors.
So the rulers want power, the merchant class wants wealth and the clergy wants reverence. Power, wealth and reverence are all basic survival mechanisms. From the Prime Minister to the village Mayor, rulers are guaranteed the best that their level of the system has to offer. The same goes for the industrialist down to the owner of the country store and from the Pope down to the preacher in the country church.
Civilizations are built by hardy, intelligent people. If only hardy and intelligent people were allowed to reproduce, a civilization would never die. It would only grow, through science, technology and wisdom.
Unfortunately, there has always been an underclass to prevent real progress. As a civilization grows, an easier environment provides the means to survive where the underclass could not have survived before. Having more children, on average, than the hardy and intelligent, the underclass outbreeds their betters, swamps the system and the civilization collapses.
But why didn't the Power Elite limit the population of the underclass? In the beginning of the civilization, the rulers were strong; they wanted power to build and grow. They were creative. Those of the merchant class were creative, also in a social sense. They wanted to produce the best so that their culture would be superior to other cultures. The clergy wanted a strong people led by a strong god. The religion was based on strength and purpose for the culture as a whole.
After the civilization was well-established, the Power Elite, usually hereditary, at least by class, was less hardy and intelligent than the Power Elite of previous generations. This is because less aggressiveness is needed to control a more accepting populace.
But as the civilization grew with an accumulation of knowledge and skills, so did the underclass grow in numbers. Whereas the women in the Power Elite always had knowledge of birth control and abortion, women of the underclass were discouraged by the Power Elite from limiting their births.
The Power Elite has always had a vested interest in more citizens. As already stated, the rulers wanted subjects, taxpayers and soldiers. The merchant class wanted customers and laborers and the clergy wanted worshipers and contributors.
As the quality of the Power Elite degenerated, so did the quality of the underclass. The underclass had as many children as biology allowed. Since less intelligence was needed to survive, sexual selection was seldom made on the basis of the ability of the male to provide or the female to nurture.
So, in time, the civilization was headed by self-serving incompetents and not only overpopulated, but swamped by the simple-minded. Ur of the Chaldees, Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Constantinople, etc.---. Overpopulation and down-breeding.
The Soviet Union is a good example for our time. Most of the Third World countries, propped up in their hopelessness by the industrial nations over the last several decades are hardly worth fitting into the pattern. The U.S. and Western Europe do fit the pattern and their fall will put a finish to world civilization as we know it.
The collapse of world civilization is a mathematical certainty. Around 1850, for the first time in history, world population reached one billion. Only 80 years later, in 1930, it doubled to two billion. Then by 1975, only 45 years, it doubled again to four billion. Now, in 1999, it is over 6 billion.
Our species has become a plague on the land. It threatens nearly every other species. Worse still, the lack of selection has caused down-breeding which has overrun the Earth with mediocrities at best and idiots at worst. Nearly 50 million Americans are functional illiterates. Also, 30% of American births are illegitimate. In 1960 it was only 5%.
America has 36 million Welfare recipients and 44 million on Social Security. There are about 20 million Federal retirees. Counting prisons, mental institutions, etc., the U.S. has about 100 million social dependents, called "Entitlements" out of a population of 270 million. The rest of the developed countries are worse off. The Third World systems are hopelessly dependent on us, doomed after our fall.
Many who have a vested interest in our system deny the consequences of overpopulation and down-breeding and some even deny overpopulation and down-breeding, as such. They cite technological, economic and scientific progress as proof that all the world's problems can be solved with the proper application of existing knowledge.
The main theme of Rush Limbaugh, for instance, is that our system is sound. It just needs reprogramming to bring it back to the health of the "Leave It To Beaver", "Father Knows Best" era of the 1950's. But in the 1950's the population of the U.S. was around 140 million and the average I.Q. was ten points higher than today. There were few social dependents and, as stated earlier, the illegitimacy rate was only 5% as opposed to nearly 30% today.
Elmer Pendell, in his book, "Why Civilizations Self-Destruct", wrote, "In our own civilization we see a lessening of the struggle for survival. Welfare does away with natural selection.
"Being, in part, an accumulation of skills and know-how, of buildings and tools, of transportation and communication, civilization must necessarily lag behind the concentration of brain power on which it depends. And since the visible forms and structures of a civilization are an accumulation, they may endure for decades after average intelligence has declined far below the level required to create the civilization." And, I might add, "Maintain the civilization".
In a sense, we are living in a kind of Disneyland for dummies. Most people see only the progress and deny the regress. Blaming that on a natural phase, soon solved by revamping our political and economic structures.
This is wishful thinking by those locked into a doomed system. Rather than face up to the coming collapse and loss of their present way of life, they ignore the warnings and will continue to do so until it is too late for them.
It is natural to ask for signs of the coming collapse and especially for a time frame. Predictions are troublesome since unforeseen developments can delay or hasten breakdown. But overall, debt is the best indicator.
When a person is in debt and can't pay, he can lose all he has and may face starvation, unless he has a backup system such as Welfare or relatives. Nations are much the same. When a national debt grows beyond a people's ability to pay, the country goes into default. Without backup by other nations, the country sinks into civil war, revolution, famine, etc.
For decades, the U.S. has been propping up bankrupt nations. What happens when it becomes our turn? It is a certainty, then, that the propping up of other nations will stop. Then world civilization will end.
Interest on the National Debt is likely to become the largest item in the Federal budget, topping the enormous Pentagon and Social Security budgets. The government will have to spend more to make its interest payments than it will collect in taxes, and America will enter an age of financial disaster that will dwarf the Great Depression and hail the end of the United States as we know it.
Of course, as stated before, unforeseen developments can delay or hasten the coming catastrophe. But consider the growth of the National Debt and it's interest, which has to be paid.
The National Debt keeps going up because of the steadily increasing numbers of social dependents (Entitlements). One might ask, if politicians and economists were able to combat the effects of overpopulation and down-breeding, reflected by the National Debt, why does it keep going up? Why, in the last fifteen years, has no political group or economic experts been able to even slow the rise of the National Debt, much less decrease it?
If the interest can't be paid by taxing or other means, the funds for the Entitlements will be cut back. The hundreds of billions of dollars the social dependents spend for goods and services will not be spent. Businesses, factories, institutions will close. Most Americans will be unemployed. Most of the elderly will simply die. The Welfare recipients will riot. The cities will burn. Chaos will spread to every town as the moronic, the criminal elements and the desperate fight for another day of survival.
When the U.S. goes, the rest of the world will follow. Riots, wars, starvation, plagues, will take up to 80% of the world's population.
But let's say the powers that be come up with the interest this year without stripping the Entitlements. What of next year, or the next? Consider, the projected interest due in the year 2000 is one trillion, five hundred and twenty billion; probably much more. The overall population will have grown, as well as the population of ungovernable dimwits and criminals. So the total and irreversible collapse of our system is, indeed, a mathematical certainty.
Our species will probably survive. But how long will it take to recover from the ruin brought on by the most widespread collapse in history?
When a power collapses it leaves a power vacuum. That power vacuum is often filled by a numerous but incompetent body of want-to-be's. When Rome degenerated, weakened and collapsed the power vacuum was filled by the early, primitive Christians. This led to a period marked by ignorance and terror known as the Dark Ages.
When a civilization loses it's vigor, even if it doesn't actually collapse, it becomes weak and ripe for revolution. Revolution, even a seemingly peaceful one, can produce changes just as radical as the Dark Ages were to the formerly ordered and disciplined Rome.
The French Monarchy, weak and corrupt, was taken over by a mob of ignorant rabble. Czarist Russia, degenerate, corrupt and weak, fell first to the Socialists then to the Communists. Germany's Weimar regime, weakened mainly by America's Great Depression, fell to Hitler's National Socialists. Neither Russia nor Germany have recovered from their respective revolutions.
From 1346 to 1350, the Black Plague ravaged Europe. It killed over half of Britain's population and a third on the Continent. Due to the less sanitary conditions among the underclass, they were nearly exterminated. This also lessened the power of the Church.
Without the underclass to do the labor, the intelligent of the upper class set about inventing labor-saving devices. Freed from the repression of the Church, the European mind flourished. Science, art, mechanics, literature, philosophy, music, all came alive. This was the Renaissance. Then came the Industrial Revolution.
This was creativity by the men of intellect. They had the real power. But they were dominated by their inferiors, men who wanted power for power's sake and reverence for the sake of a life of ease without effort.
Imagine the kind of world we might have if the intelligentsia, beginning during the Renaissance, had joined forces. They had no way to do this, of course. But had they had a way of pooling their knowledge and consolidating their power, the tyrannical, the avaricious and the pious frauds, could not have brought our present world civilization to the verge of ruin.
Today there would be space cities orbiting Earth, colonies on the moon and Mars. There would be no surplus population, no threats to the environment, little crime, no wars and very little poverty. On a planet ruled by reason, the prime law would be that anyone could do as he pleased as long as he didn't do it to the disadvantage of others. No child would be born without a reasonable guarantee that it would be well-born, well-reared, well-educated and well-occupied.
In case there is doubt as to what an intellectual is, here is a working definition. An intellectual is one who has an active, searching, reasoning mind. He is secure in the confidence that he can function through his own ability. He doesn't seek security in having a lot of uniformed robots marching at his bidding. He may be wealthy but through his own abilities and not through the deprivation or exploitation of others. Nor does he need the worship and support of fearful suckers.
The intellectual is the brain of every stable system where intelligence is appreciated. But he becomes an endangered species after the collapse of his system and its takeover by political or religious tyrants. Unfortunately, a system's collapse is usually followed by a takeover by political or religious fanatics who feel most secure in an atmosphere of ignorance.
So the collapse of our system will be a real danger to the surviving intellectuals. If the growing lunatic fringe should gain power, the True Believers will liquidate anyone who can read without moving his lips.
Intelligent people have three basic reasons for preparing to survive. The first, of course, is survival itself. The second is to prevent domination by the kind of religious and political fanatics even now preparing their own kind to take over. The third, and most important, is to rebuild on the ruins and to establish the Dictatorship of the Intelligentsia.
The term may have some offensive connotations. However wouldn't dictatorship by scholars and scientists be preferable to dictatorship by fools and another Dark Age?
One might ask what kind of system would be established. But that would be the wrong question. It really wouldn't matter. The idea is to upgrade our species by eliminating the parasites and predators. Without them, with only well-motivated, intelligent citizens, a system of order and liberty will evolve naturally.
Nor should anyone imagine rounding up millions of defectives and doing away with them. The great majority of the underclass will die in the chaos. Then it will only be a matter of sterilizing those parasites and killing those predators left, as they show themselves for what they are, thereby eventually ridding our species of it's underclass.
Now is the time to prepare for the greatest social breakthrough in history. Now is your chance to help inaugurate the next step in the evolution of human civilization.
There has never before been such an opportunity. But if the usual kind of Power Elite gains a foothold after the collapse, the chance may never come again. This is the first time in history the machinery has been in place for intelligent people worldwide to be in contact. With the Internet, CompuServe, computer bulletin boards, etc., the people of intellect can organize, prepare and consolidate.
But first comes individual security. A voice out of the crowd is simply a voice. The individual must start with a means of providing for himself and his loved ones and, hopefully, a way to be an asset to his community. Also, the security of his person, his possessions and his community must be a consideration.
Atlan Formularies, in anticipation of these needs, has been producing works on self-sufficiency and personal security since 1976. These works include The Survivor series, 19th and early 20th century science and technology, thousands of formulas and processes, trades, crafts, cottage industries, etc. These will enable anyone to maintain a pleasant, productive lifestyle during the coming troubles and beyond.
This instructs lay people in starting a home business. Working out of one's home is the most secure setup an intelligent person can arrange. There is something for anyone, regardless of experience or finances.
Then there is the four volume encyclopedia of improvised weaponry, The Poor Man's James Bond series. This infamous collection of instructions for do-it-yourself mayhem was not compiled for civil disruption. It was compiled to enable the individual to eliminate any threat to his security as the system and it's law-enforcement agencies fail.

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