by Paul Grubach

Noted author, TV show host, editor-publisher of SKEPTIC magazine, and Occidental college professor Dr. Michael Shermer has emerged as a prominent critic of alleged "racism." The famous biologist and Jewish leftist, Stephen Jay Gould, has offered him high praise. "Michael Shermer, as head of one of America's leading skeptic organizations," Gould writes, "and as a powerful activist and essayist in the service of this operational form of reason, is an important figure in American life." 1

Stephen Jay Gould In his WHY PEOPLE BELIEVE WEIRD THINGS, Shermer attempts to debunk the claim there are significant genetic differences between the races. In addition, he argues there is no political state--except for a totalitarian Nazi state--which could possibly protect the genetic integrity of a people. His arguments are important, as they are used by those in positions of influence to condemn a white nationalist agenda.

Shermer asks the rhetorical questions: "Is it possible to prevent interbreeding [of different races or ethnic groups] and preserve genetic integrity? Has any nation ever been or could any nation ever be a 'breeding unit,'... Perhaps a worldwide Nazi state might be able to legislate such biological walls, but nature certainly has not...(p.246)."

In other words, Shermer is claiming that by natural processes different ethnic groups will inevitably interbreed and gradually lose their distinct genetic makeup. Granted, Shermer admits, different groups might retain a few distinctive characteristics, but these are only external, superficial and relatively non-important. "Traditional popular racial categories are literally skin deep, " he claims (p.247). Only a totalitarian, Nazi state, employing "state-enforced segregation, repatriation, sterilization, or perhaps even extermination (p.246)" could possibly protect the genetic uniqueness of a people--nature certainly will not.

Shermer is either ignorant of the facts, or he knows the facts and is afraid of mentioning them because it might offend the Jewish-Zionist power elite--which he consciously or inadvertently serves. Let us dissect each of his ideas in turn.

Shermer bases much of his belief system on the theories of the prominent population geneticist L.L. Cavalli-Sforza (pp.246-248). This writer has already critiqued his ideas, so I will not repeat the arguments again. 2 Let it suffice to say, when Shermer makes such statements as "traditional popular racial categories are literally skin deep, " he displays his incredible ignorance of the vast amount of scientific literature which contradicts this claim. 3

For example, psychologist J. Philippe Rushton classified human populations along traditional lines--people of east Asian ancestry, people of African ancestry and people of European ancestry--and found the results to be suggestive of significant, deeply rooted biological differences. 4

Furthermore, the Nazi state has proven to be very ineffective in protecting its people, as it is now an extinct dinosaur, lasting only little more than a decade. Jewish entities and Jewish-Zionist states are far more effective at preserving genetic integrity, as they have been around for thousands of years, successfully protecting the cultural and biological interests of Jewish people from time immemorial.

Back in 1985, studies were published which suggested that Jews were different from non-Jews in a genetic-biological sense. In the prestigious NATURE, we read: "Preliminary studies using DNA sequences as a new and sophisticated tool for genetic analysis tend to support the conclusion drawn from earlier investigations that the Jews, even after being scattered around the world for two millennia, remain--to a significant degree--genetically distinctive." 5

Very recently, another scientific study was published which bolsters the conclusion that Jewish culture is very effective in preserving the genetic integrity of the Jewish people. According to a major study published in the PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, "After the first major Jewish exile of 586 B.C. when Jews dispersed across Europe and North America, Jews largely retained their genetic identity, one that was formed in the Middle East..." 6 This flatly contradicts Shermer's claim that only totalitarian, non-Jewish Nazi states are able to erect biological walls and protect the genetic integrity of a people.

Concerning this same study, the NEW YORK TIMES reported: "The analysis provides genetic witness that these [Jewish] communities have, to a remarkable extent, retained their biological identity separate from their host [Gentile] populations, evidence of relatively little intermarriage or conversion into Judaism over the centuries." 7

Now, let us answer some of Shemer's questions. He asked: "Is it possible to prevent interbreeding and preserve genetic integrity?" Historically speaking, it appears as though Jewry has been able to accomplish this. Psychologist Kevin MacDonald has shown how Jewish society has erected religious and cultural walls which have protected the genetic integrity of the Jews. 8

Shermer's next question: "Has any nation ever been or could ever be a 'breeding unit,'... It appears as though Jewry has been a relatively closed breeding unit, as the new study found a rate of intermarriage in the past 2000 years to be less than one in 200. That rate is less than one one-hundreth the estimated rate--about 50%--among modern Jews. 9

Like I said before, the Nazi state was a failure and has disappeared, and even if nature itself may be very ineffective in erecting Shermer's so-called "biological walls," Jewish societies appear to be very effective walls against ethnic interbreeding.

Now, for the benefit of white liberal, Gentile sycophants of Jewish Zionism like Michael Shermer, let us show them how Israel prevents racial integration and interbreeding between Jews and non-Jews.

As the Jewish scholars Ian Lustick and Simha Flapan have shown, far from working for an integrated society in which Jews and Arabs functioned as social and political equals, the Jews who founded Israel created a society in which Israeli Jews dominate "Israeli" Arabs, a separate and unequal society in which discrimination is part of the established social order. 10

For example, 93% of Israel's territory had been (until the Supreme Court decision of March 2000) legally defined as land which could be leased and cultivated only by Jews. Key institutions such as the kibbutz (collectivist Jewish settlements, mainly agricultural) are reserved exclusively for Jews, as Israeli scholar Uri Davis has reminded us in his thorough study, ISRAEL: AN APARTHEID STATE. 11

Dr. Lustick has pointed out that the Israeli military is by and large a segregated institution. Most Muslim Arabs, who constitute the overwhelming majority of Israeli Arab citizens, do not serve in the armed forces--they are not conscripted, nor are they permitted to volunteer for service. This has important social consequences. In Israel, participation in the armed services is a prerequisite for social advancement and mobility. Cut off from the military, they are cut off from access to one of the main avenues of social advancement. 12

Christians and Muslims cannot marry Jews in Israel, and if they are married elsewhere, the marriage is not recognized by the rabbinical court in Israel. 13

I am not suggesting for one-second that any race or ethnic group oppress another ethnic group like Israel oppresses the Arabs. Quite the contrary. Just for the record, this writer is an ardent supporter of Palestinian Arab national and civil rights.

What I am proposing is far different. As Euro-American civil rights activist David Duke has said, Europeans (and all ethnic groups might I add) can learn from organized Jewry--without adopting their hypocrisy or negative features.

Population geneticist Cavalli-Sforza points out that when "marriage [by one group] to another group is frequent, the original ethnic identity is gradually lost." 14

Yet, this runs counter to the spirit of International Law, which grants all races and cultures the right to self-determination and self-preservation. Indeed, white nationalism (not to be confused with white supremacy) is based upon the idea that people of European/Caucasian descent have the right to self-determination and self-preservation, which means they have the right to preserve their unique genetic and cultural identity (as do all racial groups). Thus, if Euro-Americans so choose to preserve their racial-cultural identity, then intermarriage between Euro-Americans and non-Caucasians should be discouraged as a matter of policy.

However, since we live in a free, democratic society, we must respect the right of the individual to freedom of choice in marital matters, which means of course that if, for example, a white wants to marry a black, he/she should have the right to do so.

Contrary to what Shemer insinuates, a white nationalist agenda need not be wedded to political totalitarianism. It can be wedded to democratic political theory. Educate the masses of Euro-Americans about the need to marry fellow Europeans in order to preserve their group genetic integrity, but simultaneously, be tolerant toward anyone who rejects this agenda and wants to marry out of their race.

And let us not hear any hypocritical Jewish-Zionist or Gentile liberal ranting and raving that these are "racist ideas." In order to preserve the racial makeup of Diaspora Jewry, the marriage between Jews and non-Jews is discouraged as a matter of policy. Herewith.

In 1987 the chief Rabbi of France was Rene Samuel Sirat. He was quoted as saying: "...the racial disappearance of French Jews is the is the greatest threat to the community..." Rabbi Sirat also claims "there are two ways to exterminate the Jews: the radical method, through concentration camps and terrorist attacks, or the slow method through mixed marriages..." In keeping with his desire to preserve the racial makeup of French Jews, Rabbi Sirat refuses the religious conversion of non-Jewish spouses. 15

Joel Lurie Grishaver, with over 40 books to his credit, is a distinguished Jewish educator, publisher and scholar. One of his books is entitled 40 THINGS YOU CAN DO TO SAVE THE JEWISH PEOPLE. It is a guide for Jewish parents on how to raise their children and to insure the survival of Jewry.

Suggestion #37 is most interesting. It states: "Use Bribes to Keep Children from Inter dating and Thereby Intermarrying." He develops this theme much further: "Establish a coercive and manipulative, but nonrestrictive, double standard about dating Jews...Here is the way it works. From the time your child is seven or eight, tell him or her regularly at bedtime (or in other convenient moments) that someday when s/he is old enough to want to go out on dates with boys (or girls), its really important to you that s/he dates other Jews...Then reach your big conclusion and say (really dramatically), 'I won't forbid you. I'll just tell you what I hope for you--that you will date and marry good Jewish wo/men...Done early, this will probably start out as a family joke which conveys a powerful family value." 16

Grishaver goes on to say that parents should reward all behavior that leads to the survival of the Jewish people. 17

According to a Religious News Service press release of December 3, 1991, the Conservative movement of Judaism, the largest branch of the faith, made it official policy to discourage marriages between Jews and non-Jews. 18

In a major study of Judaism, California psychologist Kevin MacDonald concluded, "The organized Jewish community is the only ethnic or religious community in the United States that continues to limit out marriage or discourage conversions and intermarriage." 19

We return to the major point of this article. It is possible for European Americans to learn from organized Jewry without adopting their hypocritical and negative traits. Racial intermarriage should be discouraged as a matter of policy. However, there should be no laws preventing racial intermarriage. In this way we could help prevent the loss of the Euro-American racial-cultural identity, while simultaneously, the right of the individual to freedom of choice in marital matters would be maintained.


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