:: Against Eugenics and Genetic Engineering

• Would Eugenic Programs Work ? A Thought Experiment by Dorothy C. Wertz

• A Reply: Why Eugenic Programs work by Simon Ouellette

• The Hazards of Human Developmental Gene Modification by Stuart A. Newman

• Eugenics Watch I have offered a link exchange to the webmaster of this site(so that visitors could hear from both sides of the question), but I did not receive any reply yet. It is not surprising, however, considering that their site consists mainly in propaganda that uses personal attacks, pavlovian conditioning and other emotional appeals to convince the visitors that eugenics is evil pseudo-science. Nonetheless, I link to Eugenics Watch because I think visitors should be allowed to hear from both sides(and perhaps realize the irrationality of the other).

• A short rebuttal of Eugenics Watch

• A Rebuttal of From Chance to Choice: Genetics and Justice

Political Correctness, Marxist Dogma and Censorship in the Western World  Political Correctness and Censorship in the Western World

Eugenics and Dysgenics  Eugenics and Dysgenics

White Nationalism  White Nationalism

Beyondism  Beyondism

Plato's Republic, Meritocracy and Critique of Liberal-Egalitarian One-Man  Plato's Republic and Critique of Liberal-Egalitarian One-Man

Self-Directed Evolution

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