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God is the Metamorphosis of Man
Lucid Dreams from Childhood

The Genetic Revolution
Genetic Revolution




We Welcome the International Community

Prometheism was conceived and founded during the late summer of 2000 when it became clear that the people of the world needed a new religion, one not founded in myth, egalitarianism and superstition, but instead, fact, science, reason, objectivism, spirituality and empiricism.

When ten futurists answered the call on the future generations discussion list for the creation of a religion based in conscious evolution, ten individuals from around the world came forward, these ten futurists swore an oath of life long dedication and became the founding fathers of this new religion, the official founding date of Prometheism is October 12th 2000.

This religion is dedicated to Prometheus.

Join us in creating the future of boundless possibilities.

The Flag and Symbol of Prometheism

The First Sovereign Transtopian &
Neo-Eugenic Libertarian Religious-State.

Join our religion by swearing to this oath.

The Sworn Oath of Prometheism

We Prometheans are voluntarily coming together to purposefully direct the creation of a new post-human species. A species with higher intellect, creativity, consciousness and love of ones people. A communion of intellect and beauty, for the simple reason that it can be done. This creation is what gives us purpose and meaning. No other justification is required for this program to advance our Promethean species. 

Read our Principles
Eugenic Consciousness is the Health of the Collective
Forbidden Fruit
Temple of Prometheism
Speciation + Self-Directed Evolution

Simon O's The Evolutionary Perspective

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